Why Berkeley-Haas?

The Lester Center is proud that we have consistently ranked as one of the top entrepreneurship programs nationally and internationally. UC Berkeley is one of the top 3 universities in the world, has more top graduate programs than Harvard or Stanford, and is located in the most innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem in the world – the San Francisco Bay Area. More than 50% of U.S. and over 1/3 of global venture capital is invested here.

Berkeley-Haas is ranked 4th in entrepreneurship according to Businessweek and 2nd in Social Entrepreneurship according to US News. According to a recent LinkedIn analysis of 120 million profiles, Berkeley-Haas has the 4th largest alumni network of founders and the majority of them are in the Bay Area. Berkeley-Haas was also recently ranked 2nd in Universities producing VC-backed entrepreneurs. From Google Earth to Bright Source Energy and Fair Trade products, Lester Center entrepreneurs realize the Berkeley-Haas mission to “Redefine how we do business.”

Come to Haas if you want the most advanced entrepreneurship education in the world. Get the skills and make the connections you need to create scalable startups with global impact. Learn from the best teachers including Steve Blank and Toby Stuart.

Take advantage of UC Berkeley’s incredible resources for entrepreneurs. Find world-class collaborators and co-founders. Compete in our Startup Competition and Global Social Venture Competition. Launched a company? Apply to Skydeck.

Build your Silicon Valley network as you go through school. Most of our lecturers, speakers, competition judges and mentors come from the Bay Area, the global hub of startups. Over half our alumni stay in the Bay Area as your network for life. Through projects, internships and your job, you can learn from and become part of the most advanced entrepreneurship ecosystem on the planet.

Come to the school whose tradition and Defining Principles embody the values of the entrepreneur:

  • Question the Status Quo
  • Confidence Without Attitude
  • Students Always
  • Beyond Yourself

No other school, no other place offers more to help you become a world changing entrepreneur. Come join us at Berkeley-Haas.  Apply here.