Founder of Weintraub Capital Management LP
Jerald Weintraub  received his B.A. in Business from the University of California, Berkeley in 1981. He completed the course work at the Berkeley Graduate School of Business (now Haas School of Business) at the age of 22 in December of 1981 and completed his master thesis in 1988.Jerry formed Weintraub Capital Management LP (WCM) in February 1992. WCM managed a series of domestic and offshore investment partnerships intended for “qualified purchasers”. Assets grew from an initial level of $4 million to over $1.2 billion.The partnerships managed by Weintraub Capital Management LP invested in long and short equity securities, derivatives, and convertible bonds, focusing primarily on U.S. stocks. A bottoms up, fundamental analysis, approach to long term stock selection was complimented by a trading orientation which focused on near to intermediate term catalysts.The funds put a strong emphasis on risk management. The initial fund achieved a compound net return on investment of 11.7% over 21 years. Investors in the fund experienced only two down years, with a maximum annual draw down of only 3% in 2008.Jerry decided to wind down the Prism Partners funds as of 12/31/12 after 20+ years of fund management. All capital was returned to existing outside investors and WCM converted to a family office focused on the personal investing of Jerry Weintraub in 2013.Jerry is an active investor in commercial real estate and has interests in a number of multi-family, student housing, and office complex partnerships. He also has a number of early stage venture investments.