John Danner, senior fellow in entrepreneurship at Berkeley-Haas, recently spoke with WalletHub about the prospects of starting a business in a small city:

“In an era of widespread connectivity and easy access to resources almost without regard to location, the balance between these pros and cons is shifting significantly – especially for firms that can rely on the web to conduct business. With crowdfunding sites like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter, startup ideas anywhere can find startup funding everywhere…

Whatever you do, pay attention to how you can create a more entrepreneurially friendly environment in your community. This involves creative collisions – of ideas, people and resources. Make yours a place where new ideas can take root, where people with aspirations of launching their own business can mix with other people who have the financial, space, talent or other resources they need, and – above all – where entrepreneurs feel they belong to a community whose future they are helping build.”

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