Investment Manager, Intel Capital
Laura Oliphant is an Investment Manager in Intel Capital, where she makes and manages investments in the semiconductor capital equipment and materials areas. She joined Intel in 1991 and Intel Capital in 2001. In 2006, Laura was given the Intel Achievement Award for the strategic impact of her investing activities. She is Intel’s observer to the board of directors for Oasys Design Systems, Persimmon Technologies, and Xradia. Prior to joining Intel Capital, Laura was one of the key coordinators for Intel’s transition to the 300 mm wafer size. As part of this project, Laura managed the selection activities for about 20% of the fab tools, which required her to interact with the key executives of the major equipment suppliers. In 2000, Laura served as the industry co-chair for the SEMATECH Metrology and Yield Management Tools Program Advisory Group. Laura also played key roles in the Year 2000 transition and in the management of major suppliers to Intel. During her time at Intel, Laura has also been a process engineer, developing a process that is still used in Intel’s processors, and a yield engineer. Laura currently represents Intel as one of Intel Capital’s key contacts with the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. As part of that role, she has participated in numerous business plan competitions, representing Intel as a judge. Laura holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley and a BE from Manhattan College.