Managing Partner, Bee Partners
Michael Berolzheimer

Founder and Managing Partner of Bee Partners, the top pre-Seed venture firm in Silicon Valley, Michael launched his first business at 11 and interned at an early social network startup at age 13. After three startups, Michael started advising founders at the inception of their venture creation, and Bee Partners was born.

At Bee Partners, we embrace the reality that machines will win at precision, complexity, and data inference. Humans will still own purpose, ingenuity, and instinct. We seek exceptional Founders with unbounded potential who execute in frontier businesses and technologies. We then write them their first check, and live their mission. As a result, we have been that first check writer in 60% of our portfolio, we’ve led or co-led 17 of our last 20 investments, 70% of our companies succeed to the Series A, and we resolve 95% of our portfolio requests within 48 hours.