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Undergraduates + Entrepreneurs + Venture Capitalists = VCIC

Do you have what it takes to pick winning investments? Find out by forming or joining a student team and see what it’s like to be a venture capitalist. With the UC Berkeley Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC), you’ll assess real investment opportunities in early stage companies by watching company pitches, conducting due diligence and negotiating investments with real Bay Area entrepreneurs. You’ll learn firsthand how to value companies, construct and negotiate term sheets while spending a full day with high profile Silicon Valley venture capitalist judges.

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The Purpose of the UC Berkeley VCIC

The UC Berkeley VCIC is a three-tiered progressive competition. The winning team from our UC Berkeley competition will advance to compete in the VCIC Regional Competition in February.

VCIC aims to educate and expose UC Berkeley undergraduate students to the venture capital process and the investment criteria considered when evaluating a business opportunity. VCIC’s goal is to allow students to apply the art and science of venture investing and try their hand at selecting real business opportunities using strategic investment criteria, valuation, capitalization tables, term sheets, and other tools of the trade.

5 Reasons Why You Should Compete in VCIC:

  1. Evaluate pitches from real entrepreneurs
  2. Interact with Senior VCs from the Bay Area
  3. Learn how to conduct due diligence and negotiate term sheets
  4. Work with Undergraduates from various programs
  5. Represent Cal in the Regional Competition hosted in Silicon Valley.

UC Berkeley Competition Day

On Competition day, four entrepreneurs currently seeking VC funding will pitch to all five teams. Teams will receive business materials for these companies three days prior to the Competition. Following entrepreneur pitches, teams will then rotate around the entrepreneurs, one (team) on one (entrepreneur), where they will have the opportunity to ask specific questions about the business materials, while being observed by a panel of 5-6 VC judges. Entrepreneurs and VC judges will represent a diverse range of sectors and backgrounds.

Teams will then break out to make investment decisions and each group will develop a term sheet to pitch to a panel of VC judges, simulating a Monday morning VC partner meeting. Judges deliberate and then announce the top 2 teams that will compete in the final round. In the final round, the top 2 teams will be selected to complete a negotiation session with their selected entrepreneur in front of the VC judging panel. Judges provide feedback to the teams, and also provide feedback to the entrepreneurs.

More Information

For more information, please refer to the frequently asked questions or contact the organizing committee at 

VCIC 2019-20 Competition Calendar

Event/Deadline Date Venue
Executive Committee Information Sessions  Event ended.   
Executive Committee Application Deadline  Deadline passed.  
UG VCIC Information Sessions 
(Pizza & Beverages Served)

 Event ended. 


Team Formation Mixer 
(Pizza & Beverages Served)

 Event ended. 


Application Deadline

Friday, December 6th at 11:59pm

The application is now available.

Kickoff Workshop January 24, 2020 Berkeley-Haas
Workshop January 31, 2020  Berkeley-Haas
UC Berkeley Competition February 8, 2020 Berkeley-Haas
Regional Competition February 15, 2020 Santa Clara
Global Finals March 28, 2020 UNC – Chapel Hill, NC


2020 Application Process

Five teams, each comprised of five UC Berkeley students (with an optional observer), will be selected to compete in the 2020 UC Berkeley Competition. All team members must attend the VC led preparation workshops and the full day competition (dates to be announced.)


  • Each team must be comprised of five members. A sixth member can be appointed as an observer per team. The observer can communicate with the team throughout the competition except for any judged sessions. Qualifications of the observer are not part of team selection criteria.
  • All team members must be current UC Berkeley undergraduate students.
  • Each team must appoint a Team Lead who will serve as the point of contact and voice for the team.

Teams selected to compete in the Competition must also commit to:

  • Sign the NDA and the Code of Conduct, and abide by all VCIC rules.
  • Attend the pre-competition workshops and to compete through the Regional competition in February 2020 if selected, and to the Global Finals at UNC in March of 2020.
  • Ensure all team members named on the application are present on the day of the competition No alternatives and no absences are allowed.


[How to form your team]

Team formation sheet can be found here. 

[Important Dates]

 Application Deadline: December 6, 2019 by 11:59pm

[How to Apply] 

  1. Application is now available
  2. Download the NDA from this link 
  3. Submit the signed NDA form here
  4. Once you submit the NDA you will get links to the entreprenuers pitch decks, please save those links. 
  5. The application form can be found here
  6. Applications can be submitted here.

    IMPORTANT: There are no restrictions on students contacting anybody for help. However, students may NOT contact anyone affiliated with the startups in the application (founders, investors, employees, customers, investors, etc.).




2020 VCIC Executive Committee

Co-Chairs – Cecilia Li & Suyash Jaju

Marketing Officer – Sarika Saksena


Involvement opportunities for VCs and Entrepreneurs

Judging Opportunities for Venture Capitalists

The participation of our VC judges is vital to the success and quality of the Competition. Involvement also provides our judges with the opportunity to survey the emerging talent from the UC Berkeley student population, and to view pitches from entrepreneurs currently seeking funding. A panel of 4 judges will be established.

If you or your firm are interested in being a competition VC judge, please send an e-mail to  for more information.

Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

The VCIC Competition provides a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to practice their pitching skills, have their business evaluated by 30 talented students, and receive feedback from seasoned venture capitalists. Up to 4 companies are recruited to pitch at the event each year. Note that companies involved in the Competition must be currently seeking funding at the time of the Competition in January and must be unknown to the competitors.

If you or your company are interested in getting involved in the Competition, please send an email to 

Frequently Asked Questions:


Who organizes the event? The Berkeley-Haas Entrepreneurship Program is responsible for the UC Berkeley VCIC. A committee of UC Berkeley Undergraduate students are recruited each fall to organize the event.

Why should I participate in the Competition? The VCIC Competition provides an excellent learning experience for UC Berkeley students interested in venture capital and entrepreneurship, by enhancing their appreciation of the venture capital investment opportunity recognition and process. This occurs through both the Competition itself and through the supporting workshops leading up to it.

Potential venture capitalist candidates have limited opportunities to experience “a day in the life of a VC” because of the selective nature and criteria of VC recruiting. VCIC’s goal is to allow students to try their hand at selecting real business opportunities using strategic investment criteria, valuation, capitalization tables, term sheets, and other tools of the trade.

The Competition also provides opportunities for students to build and extend their relationships with established Bay Area venture capitalists.

The Application Process

Who is eligible to apply for the Berkeley VCIC? All UC Berkeley undergraduate students are eligible. Students must apply in teams of exactly five members.

If I don’t have a team can I apply as a single person team and/or be teamed with other single persons? You must apply in a team of exactly five members. If you want to join a team or are in need of additional teammates, please join us at our mixer event in November to help in the team formation process.

When is the application due? Full written applications are due on December 1, 2019 by 11:59pm

How many applicant teams get to compete in the UC Berkeley VCIC? Five teams will be selected to participate in the Competition.

Who decides which teams get to compete in the UC Berkeley VCIC? The VCIC Executive Committee and a professional VC will review applications and select the five teams to compete in the UC Berkeley Competition.

The UC Berkeley VCIC

When is the UC Berkeley VCIC? The 2020 Competition date is Friday, February 7, 2020.

What kind of time commitment will be required to compete in the UC Berkeley VCIC? Once your team has been selected to compete, you should expect to participate in workshops held at Berkeley-Haas (dates to be announced) to help you prepare for the Competition. The actual Competition is one day in length, however, teams have three days to review company business materials prior to the Competition.

How will the Competition be structured? On the day of the Competition, competing teams will watch the entrepreneurs pitch. Next, the competing teams will sit down one-on-one with each entrepreneur and hold a Q&A session with a VC judge present assessing the interaction. The teams will choose which team to invest in, create a term sheet, and then negotiate the terms with the selected entrepreneur in front of a panel of VC judges.

How will the winning team be chosen? The winning team will be chosen by a panel of Bay Area VC judges.

What are the prizes for winning the Competition? The winning team of the UC Berkeley VCIC will move onto the Regional Competition in Silicon Valley in February 2020.

Regional and International Venture Capital Investment Competitions

When and where will the Regional and International VCIC take place? The Regional Competition will take place in Santa Clara on February 15, 2020. The International competition will take place at UNC’s Kenan-Flagler School March 2020.

Who from UC Berkeley gets to participate in the Regional and International VCIC? The winner of the UC Berkeley VCIC will move onto the Regional Competition. The top team from the Regional Competition will move onto the International Finals. The international competition will take place at UNC’s Kenan-Flagler School March 2020.

Will participation cost me any money? There is no entry fee for the Berkeley-Haas, regional or international finals.

What are the prizes for winning the International Competition? The International Competition awards $10,000 worth of prizes to the winning teams.