Berkeley-Haas Entrepreneurship

Student Awards & Fellowships


In Brief:

The Berkeley-Haas Entrepreneurship Program recognizes entrepreneurial leaders who contribute to the robust startup ecosystem at UC Berkeley. Through the Gloria W. Appel Award, Larson Scholarships, and Turner Fellowships, we honor undergraduate and graduate students who have shown passion and entrepreneurial drive during their time at UC Berkeley. The PEL/Dumke Award, offered by the Partners in Entrepreneurial Leadership, is available to continuing FTMBA students pursuing summer internships with startups that might not be able to compensate interns at market rates. The Hansoo Lee Fellowship was created to honor the memory of Hansoo Lee (MBA 10), and provides a stipend to first year MBA students who want to work on their startups full time during the summer in between their first and second years of school, as Hansoo did. The John E. Martin Fellowship was established in 2015 to honor the courageous and inspiring life of John E. Martin by providing financial support to select full-time, continuing MBA, MPH and MSW students.

The Gloria W. Appel Award for Outstanding Leadership in Entrepreneurship

The Gloria W. Appel Award for Outstanding Leadership in Entrepreneurship is presented upon nomination by the Haas School community to a second-year MBA candidate of outstanding caliber who has made an extraordinary and lasting contribution to the entrepreneurship program at Haas. The $5,000 fellowship is divided equally amongst the recipients.

Administered by the Berkeley-Haas Entrepreneurship Program, the award is funded by an endowment from the Louis and Harold Price Foundation in honor of Gloria W. Appel, the late president of the Price Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies and a great benefactor of the Berkeley-Haas Entrepreneurship Program. The criteria for the award are based on Gloria Appel’s passion for students and the refreshing ideas that they have consistently brought to the entrepreneurship program.

Faculty, Staff, and Students are all welcome to submit candidate nominations.

Please send nominations to and include a brief statement describing why the nominee should receive this award.

Appel Award Recipients:

2021 – Namrata Mani, Vera Xiao, Louis Sallerson, Santiago Pezzoni
2020 – Samantha Tannor, Mallika Chawla, Santiago Freyria, Francesco Dipierro, Tushar Misra, Sid Mullick
2019 – Jordan Sale, Christian Keil, Andrew Briggs, Luca Consentino
2018 – Leon Rodriguez, Josh Ephraim, Sahinaz Safari
2017 – Alex Evangelides, Eddie Gandevia, Michael Ebel, Hiroki Koga, Alex Levy
2016 – Tomer Poran & Franklin Russell
2015 – Ali Kelley and David Sagalov
2014 – Mediha Abdulhay, Slava Balter and Laura Tilghman
2013 – Vivek Bidwai and Eric Palm
2012 – Brian Busch, Brittany Hume and Joe Wadcan
2011 – Brent Locks
2010 – Angus Hildreth, Christy Martell and Richard Mordini
2009 – Kevin Casey, Roxanne Miller and Antony Passemard
2008 – Raphael Michel, Tony Mak and Kevin Kopczynski
2007 – Lawrence Chang
2006 – Nathan Dintenfass
2005 – Sabino Go and Steve Hardgrave
2003 – Amir Sharif and Pramod Srivatsa

Applications are now closed. The application deadline for Spring 2022 will be announced in January 2022. 

PEL/Dumke Award

The PEL (Partners in Entrepreneurial Leadership)/Dumke Award is an award for up to $2,500 for continuing students pursuing summer internships with startups that might not be able to compensate interns at market rates. (MBA/MPH students in their second year also qualify for consideration.) Students must have a summer internship at a verifiable startup, not founded by the applying student, received a specific and substantive written job/internship offer, and the internship is for a full-time, summer position for at least 8 weeks in duration.

To apply please visit the Financial Aid website.


To minimally qualify for a PEL/Dumke Award, students must pursue internships that meet all of the following criteria:

  • Summer internship is at a verifiable startup, not founded by the applying student.
  • Student has received a specific and substantive written job/internship offer.
  • The internship is for a full-time, summer position for at least 8 weeks in duration.


Funds will be limited and we expect many applicants. Accordingly, priority will be given to applications that meet the following criteria:

  • Some compensation is given by the sponsoring entrepreneur or startup
  • Time commitment of the internship opportunity
  • Demonstrated interest in entrepreneurship

Personal Statement

Please describe your interest and involvement in entrepreneurship, career goals. Please also include a brief description of the organization and your specific role, and not only how you can leverage your MBA to support this organization, but also how this particular internship supports those goals. Additionally, include the duration of the internship in number of weeks and salary provided by employer per week. If you have received or will likely receive other summer internship funds please specify the source of your funds and the expected amount. Limit your response to 750 words.

Required Additional Documents

  • Resume
  • Signed Offer Letter with following information: Organization name, Address/Location, Supervisor/Hiring manager name and title, Phone, Email Address

Primary Award Terms

Upon completion of the summer internship, you will be required to submit a 500 word summary of the internship experience and how the award allowed you to pursue your summer and/or career objectives. The due date for this summary is September. Awards will be disbursed in the Fall, and only after the report is received.

Hansoo Lee Fellowship

The Fellowship will provide a stipend and mentorship to help Berkeley-Haas MBA students pursue their venture full-time for their summer internship, as Hansoo did. MBA students will receive a summer stipend of $5 – $10K, mentorship from Haas alums focused on entrepreneurship, and office space. For more information about Hansoo Lee and to contribute to the fellowship, please visit the website.

Applications are accepted from continuing MBA students each Spring. To apply, visit the Haas Financial Aid website

The deadline will be announced in Spring 2022.

Required Personal Statement Based on the Below Questions:

  • Can all founders commit full-time to the startup for the entirety of the summer? If not, please explain.
  • What have you done this school year to prepare for an entrepreneurial career?
  • How far along are you with the company? Share any relevant milestones.
  • Finally, please provide the URL to a video, up to 2 minutes long, telling us about your company. (Productions value is not important)

Hansoo Lee Fellowship Recipients:

2022 – Ellen Quigg, Nick Rahill 
2021 – London Swift, Pei-Hsin Wang
2020 – Manny Smith, and Joe Choi
2019 – Andrew Blute, Tushar Misra and Samantha Tannor
2018 – Jordan Sale, Karen Taylor
2017 – Sara Nomanbhoy and Leon Rodriguez
2016 – Nic Borenzstein & Patrick Castles
2015 – Andrew Hill and Megan Mokri
2014 – Johannes Koeppel and Alastair Trueger
2013 – Romi Elan and Charlie Hughes

Jack Larson Scholarship 

The Jack Larson Scholarship was established in 2008 to support MBA and undergraduate Haas students interested in an entrepreneurial career. The Berkeley-Haas Entrepreneurship Program wishes to thank Jack Larson for his ongoing contribution to entrepreneurship education.


John E. Martin Fellowship

The John E. Martin Fellowship was established in 2015 to honor the courageous and inspiring life of John E. Martin by providing financial support to select MBA, MPH and MSW students at the Haas School of Business, the School of Public Health and/or the School of Social Welfare. John’s son, Michael P. Martin, Berkeley-Haas MBA 2009, and his father both shared a deep appreciation for the creative and intellectual potential of students and faculty at UC Berkeley to effect change in varied fields including mental healthcare services and practice.

The purpose of the fellowship is to provide support for high-achieving MBA, MPH and/or MSW students at UC Berkeley who demonstrate through 1) a student-initiated business/startup or 2) a summer internship commitment to improving the quality of and the access to mental healthcare. Up to two (2) fellowships of $5,000 will be awarded each year.

Criteria for John E. Martin Fellowship

Students must be MBA, MPH, or MSW students at the Haas School of Business, the School of Public Health, and/or the School of Social Welfare to be eligible for the fellowship. A faculty and staff committee comprised of representatives from all three schools will make the selections based on fellowship criteria, academic achievements, career goals, and commitment to improving the field of mental healthcare services and practice.

Application Information

Your completed application should contain:

  • Resume / CV
    Please include an updated copy of your resume / CV that includes the following information: Full Name, Mailing Address, City/State/Zip Code, Contact Phone Number, and Email.
  • Statement of Interest
    Please describe your summer endeavor, career goals, and aspirations in the mental healthcare field. Indicate how the fellowship will help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Limit your response to 500 words.

Submit your completed application materials to with the subject line “2022 John E. Martin Memorial Fellowship Application”.

The Application Deadline for 2022 is Sunday, February 27th at 11:59pm PT.  


Martin Fellowship Past Recipients:

2021 – Elle Wisnicki
2019 – Julia Zhu
2018 – Jordan Sale, Benjamin Chen
2017 – Allison L. Rodriguez
2016 – Callie Ryan
2015 – Danielle Spoor


Turner Fellowship

The Turner Fellowship was established in 2003 by Daniel Turner III, Managing Director of Montreux Equity Partners, for Evening-Weekend MBA students interested in pursuing a career in entrepreneurship. An award of $5,000 given to an outstanding Evening-Weekend MBA student based on academic achievements, entrepreneurial experience, career goals, and financial need. To apply, visit: //

The deadline is to be announced.

Application Question: Please describe your career goals and entrepreneurial aspirations. Indicate how the fellowship will help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Limit response to 500 words.

Turner Fellowship Recipients:

2019 – Esmond Ai
2018 – Karen Taylor
2017 – Shannon Herline
2016 – Vincent Tuminelli
2015 – Megan Mokri
2014 – Dino Boukouris
2012 – Hrishikesh Desai and Michael Vladimer
2011 – Craig Hashi, Joe Wadcan and Brandon Yahn
2010 – Laura Englert and Brent Locks
2009 – Dave Bend and Dhriren Bhatia
2008 – Kevin Casey
2007 – Dr. Michael D. Black
2006 – Aditi Patwardhan
2005 – Sean Silas
2004 – Ronald Pereira
2003 – Matthew Culligan


Daniel K. Turner III

Daniel K. Turner III

Daniel K. Turner III, who has 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, operating manager and investor, is the sole sponsor of this fellowship. He founded Montreux Equity Partners and has been a General Partner and Managing Member since 1993. Mr. Turner has invested in companies across consumer, healthcare services, pharmaceuticals and technology companies. Some of his previous investments includes Paymap (acquired by First Data Corp), Peapod (IPO; acquired by Royal Ahold), and Great Lakes Health Plan (acquired by United Healthcare). Mr. Turner is a member of the board of directors of GC Aesthetics, Moksha8, Epirus, Glaukos, and Tobira Therapeutics. Mr. Turner previously served as Montreux’s representative to the board of directors of Renal CarePartners (sold to Ambulatory Services of America 2011), Cerexa (sold to Forest Laboratories, 2007), NovaCardia (sold to Merck, 2007), and Peninsula Pharmaceuticals (sold to Johnson & Johnson, 2005). In addition to his activities at Montreux, Mr. Turner is a member of the Advisory Board of the Berkeley-Haas Entrepreneurship Program at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. He holds a B.S. from California State University, Sacramento and attended the M.B.A. program at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. Mr. Turner is a Certified Public Accountant.

Price Fellowships

From 1986 to 2007 the Price Institute awarded fellowships to selected Haas School first-year MBA students to recognize their entrepreneurial aspirations and development. The Price Institute Fellowships were designed to help identify and nurture entrepreneurial talent. Through greater insight into their rare abilities, a new generation of entrepreneurs–better recognized and equipped than the one before it–was given the opportunity to make significant contributions to the community.

The Price Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies, a division of the Louis and Harold Price Foundation, was founded in 1979 by Harold Price, a leader in the foods industry. The not-for-profit organization is dedicated to the recognition, development and growth of entrepreneurship in America, and is based on the awareness that the American economic spirit cannot flourish without the innovative and independent spirit of the entrepreneur.

Price Fellows

Tony Mak
Danae Ringelmann

Lawrence Chang
Alois Gerlach

Nathan Dintenfass
David Guendelman

Ameet Ranadive
Jeffrey Renaud

Ilya Entin
Carter Keller

Greg Amrofell
Jeff Clementz

Stephen Stokols
Sara Williams

Matthew Fogarty
Ajay Sreekanth

Andrea Bates
David Gerster

Scott Kucirek
Sandeep Singh

Jeffery Cole
Rajesh Pai

Michael Hadley
Dushyant Pathak
John Woolard

Jed Michael Katz
Daniel Kihanya

Nicholas Guerrero
Samara Gutsch

Kimberly Fisher
Alan G. Lambert

Christopher Lehman
Cherie Wolfe

Scott Galloway
Jeffrey Wallace

Ann Martha Rubin
Curtis Ray

Richard Holstrom
Asaf Mohr

Bob Larson
Suvrat Saigal

Charles P. Jones
Randall D. Micek

Maxwell Fellows Program

Established in memory of Brian Maxwell, this award is intended to memorialize the drive, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit which led Brian to achieve success in his business and athletic pursuits. The fellowship will be awarded to an individual who has demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to create and implement innovative projects, products, and ideas. The fellowship includes funding in the amount of $40,000 per year.

For more information about Brian Maxwell and the fellowship, please visit the Brian Maxwell Fellows website.